Auxita and KEEP Partner to Simplify the Specialty Therapy Journey of Patient Support Programs

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byKEEP Labs Inc.

TORONTO, March 8, 2022 /CNW/ - KEEP Labs, the developers of the Modern Medicine Cabinet and KEEP Health are pleased to announce a partnership with Auxita, an industry leader in digitizing the specialty patient journey. This partnership launches a novel solution that provides healthcare professionals with real-time adherence insights for Canadians taking specialty medications.

"Traditionally, once a medication is prescribed and dispensed, there is limited ability to track the utilization of medication which would enable proactive support using passively captured utilization data," said Jeff Wandzura, RPh, CEO of KEEP Labs. "Through this partnership with Auxita, we now have the ability to provide real-time adherence data directly to members of the care team in an easy to consume and actionable format."

This partnership will integrate key data from KEEP's adherence platform into Auxita's EMR integrated, agnostic platform that includes healthcare provider dashboards spanning multiple therapeutic areas and a fully collaborative patient support program toolset.

"Auxita consolidates key data related to the specialty patient journey to ensure healthcare providers have the information they need to provide the right support at the right time," said Matt Cahill, CEO of Auxita. "This partnership with KEEP will provide greater visibility for healthcare providers into how patients are adhering to their treatment plans allowing for targeted care between visits and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes."

Auxita consolidates key data related to the specialty patient journey to ensure healthcare providers have the information they need to provide the right support at the right time.

This integrated solution helps facilitate the move away from retrospective data points towards real-time and actionable intervention capabilities, ultimately leading to new patient starts and an innovative approach to medication adherence.


Auxita is a secure digital platform that seamlessly integrates with Electronic Medical Records to link patient data and clinical information across multiple systems. From first visit to enrollment in specialty care programs, Auxita speeds time to treatment by ensuring that there is a consistent flow of information. Its user-friendly dashboard presents an overview of a patient's overall health, while its end-to-end ennrollment and digital prior authorization capabilities allow healthcare teams to easily manage patients throughout their specialty treatment journey. From healthcare providers and patients to insurance companies and patient support programs, Auxita connects everyone with the right information while eliminating the administrative tasks that can overwhelm today's healthcare system.

Auxita has an established footprint in Canada's healthcare sector and collaborates with strategic partners to ensure a consistent and secure flow of information throughout the patient journey. For more information on Auxita's next-generation medical technology that leads to better care, visit


KEEP Labs is transforming the specialty medication experience in the home by passively capturing dosing events to drive personalized, real-time interventions. The Keep Health platform provides patient support programs, life science organizations, pharmacies and clinicians with the ability to identify, triage and support individuals based on real-world utilization data in the home for all specialty dosage forms.

The company was founded by two dads who were looking for a smart way to store prescription medication. The platform has been recognized as TIME Best Invention of 2020 and a CES 2020 Innovation Honoree. For more information on how KEEP Health is optimizing the specialty medication journey, visit


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